Moofers Clothing is a Dutch design brand in womenswear. The brand represents a contemporary style with an edge, fundamentally classic and clean with an emphasis on quality and details.


Behind every design there is a story to tell. A story about our values originality, integrity and sustainability and how we reflect these values in our design. Together, the values represent the high quality we strive for and always want to improve.

Fit & feel

We love to make designs for you, you love to wear and enjoy endlessly. Bold, feminine designs that make you feel comfortable and at the same time special.

The designs adapt to the wearer, accentuating the wearer’s projection of casual or business. New designs are added frequently at a quiet pace and can be combined as much as possible with existing designs (Capsule Collection).



Choice of materials is a crucial to our designs. We curate and source as much as possible fabrics, yarns and trims with the smallest impact on the ecological system (ecological and carbon footprint). A complex, interesting and ongoing process and discussion, as there are many aspects to sustainability.


Our focus is the sustainability of the entire garment: the right conjunction of materials and durability. We work e.g. with recycled / organic cotton fabric woven in The Netherlands, UK wool fabric from farm-raised ship, hemp/ organic cotton blend fabric, quilted lining from recycled polyester, reclaimed Italian fabrics, traced alpaca yarns and organic cotton yarns.

Dutch design, made with love, made to last


Passing on the value and pleasure of craftsmanship is at the heart of our brand. Based on our values, we consciously choose to work together with European partners. In close cooperation with two teams of Dutch knitwear and woven professionals the patterns, samples and sizing are conducted. Renowned manufacturing partners in Europe handle our productions.


Step by step, we aim to embed our ‘a fair product for a fair price’ principle, with sustainability as one of the key pillars. Sustainable by design, craftsmanship, materials and processes.


About designer

Jennifer van Haastert

Designer Jennifer van Haastert is founder and owner of Moofers Clothing. Jennifer has a lifelong fascination of creation, craft, and fabrics. She started her fashion brand in 2017 and opened her first store mid 2018 in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Her education, however, led her first to run her own business consulting firm from 2002 to 2015. A most valuable basis, it turned out later.

Following her true heart, in 2016-2017 she attended the foundation course at the Master Tailor Institute in Amsterdam. During this year, the contours of her brand became more concrete. Passing on the value and pleasure of craftsmanship is at its heart. Originality, integrity and sustainability are core values of the brand and ongoing and challenging learnings.
Moofers Clothing: Dutch design, made with love, made to last.